Saturday, March 13, 2010

So much for blogging every day...

Good advice, at least in the ocean at Dun Laoghrie! (Which is where I took this picture). I've only written one blog post. But I've updated it A LOT. However, we're just over a week away from the event for The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, and there are all kinds of wonderful things to report.

Click the link below, which goes directly to the Dublin Festival, for a chance to win the Big Gay & Lesbian Basket o'Books, Plays & Music. It's a raffle! PayPal won't let me call it that, but the kind folks at the Festival put a link to both the tickets to the event and the drawing right on the upper right hand corner of their website! Easy-peasy

Tickets cost $5 each, $10 for 3. Let me show you some of the fabulous items that wonderful authors have been sending me (and there are even more on the way!)

Last summer, my beloved TOSOS presented Meryl Cohn's play "And Sophie Comes Too" at the NY Fringe (a sell-out hit that was extended!); one of Meryl's other talents is giving advice, and she's sent us an autographed copy of "Do as I Say: Ms. Behavior's Guide to Gay & Lesbian Etiquette."

And we've got another performer who will join us on the night! I've been a fan of Andrea Alton's for some time: I first got to know her work in Peter Snoad's "My Name is Art," which ran before my own "Some Are People," at EATfest, so of course I saw every performance. She played a lesbian with some serious opinions about what makes ART. And just a couple weeks ago, I saw her play, "Carl & Shelly, Best Friends Forever," in its off-off Broadway run, having been a fan of the piece since I saw it in the Fringe. Andrea has also performed characters from it in my reading series Drunken Careening Writers! at KGB Bar, and she & her performing partner Allen Warnock (whom I call my long-lost cousin) will be appearing at DCW in May. She's coming on March 22 as Molly the Lesbian Poet (she's not a lesbian, but she often plays one onstage!) She will perform Molly's poem "LIPS!" among other selections.

Our basket o'books will also include "Hairspray: The Roots" with a byline that reads: "Hosted by the authors of the Hit Broadway Musical Mark O'Donnell, Thomas Meehan, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman." I've known Mark for years; he taught a course called "Writing Funny" back when I was over at The Writer's Voice of the West Side Y. And every term, he always turned in his own "student evaluation" of his work, with answers to questions like "What was the best thing about this workshop?" with "The lava never reached the classroom." And now he has a Tony!


And there's a link in the upper left hand corner! I've given up on PayPal, or they've given up on me. However, never say die, and buy a ticket!

Erin go Braless,

Kathleen W.
Ambassador of Love

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